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Higher Education SPSU Dining Hall
Quietly Making Noise, LLC (QMN) has provided acoustical consulting services for many higher education projects, including new buildings and renovations.  Principal Acoustical Consultant Lisa Schott brings a unique range of experience in design, construction, testing, and troubleshooting to create innovative solutions for challenging noise and vibration issues in facilities located at university and college campuses.

Quietly Making Noise is familiar with and regularly designs projects to meet the latest regulatory requirements and guidelines, including the multi-family residential sound transmission requirements contained in the International Building Code, which has been adopted by many states as the applicable building code for new projects such as dormitories and campus apartment buildings.

Following is a list of some higher education projects that have been completed or are currently in progress.  We work closely with the client to design multiple noise mitigation options that the architect, builder, and facility operator can agree upon, considering cost, constructability, schedule, aesthetics, and other considerations.  We also provide a wide range of on-site acoustical testing services.

In addition to the experience list below, Quietly Making Noise has extensive experience in similar types of projects, including multi-family, hospital, hospitality, and museums.  This provides a great deal of experience in similar noise and vibration concerns that occur at higher education campuses.

  • University of Central Florida District Energy Plant IV, Orlando, Florida – Acoustical design of campus energy plant, including consideration of interior sound levels and exterior sound levels in surrounding community and natural lands.
  • University of Central Florida Northview Apartments, Orlando, Florida – Acoustical evaluation of design.  Developed recommendations for noise and vibration mitigation measures.
  • University of Central Florida College of Medicine – Acoustical reverberation testing of microscopy lab.  Recommendation of retrofit materials to make the space suitable for  use as a lecture hall.
  • University of South Florida Student Housing, Tampa, Florida – Acoustical review of rooftop HVAC units. Provided recommendations for noise and vibration isolation.
  • The Standard at College Station, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas – Acoustical design of student housing apartments and mixed use retail spaces, evaluation of exterior noise sources and development of building exterior envelope design.
  • 930 Morrison Student Housing, College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina – Acoustical design of student housing apartments, including interior partitions and exterior noise from nearby highways.
  • North Carolina State University Sigma Nu Fraternity House, Raleigh, North Carolina – Acoustical testing of STC and IIC ratings of floor / ceiling systems and walls. Developed recommendations for improvement.
  • Campus Edge Apartments, University of Louisiana Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana – Acoustical testing of STC and IIC rating in multi-family campus housing apartment building.
  • Gainesville University Housing, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida – Acoustical evaluation of design and acoustical testing of STC and IIC ratings in campus housing apartment buildings.
  • Southern Polytechnic State University, Atlanta, Georgia – Acoustical design of dining hall to achieve acceptable acoustical environment.
  • Alcorn State University, Mississippi – Acoustical design of campus apartment buildings.
  • Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois – Acoustical design of campus renewable energy center to minimize impacts on nearby noise-sensitive receptors.
  • U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland – Acoustical design of campus health clinic building, including noise and vibration mitigation measures.
  • University of Delaware – Acoustical design modeling verification of cooling tower noise levels to minimize impact on nearby noise-sensitive receptors.
  • VA SimLearn National Training Center, Orlando Florida – Acoustical design of a simulation training building for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs national health care training facility, including lecture rooms, training rooms, and hands-on simulation training spaces.  In addition to personal training, the facility is used for recording and playback of educational exercises.
  • Yale University Sterling Memorial Library, New Haven Connecticut – Designed and provided patented Shut-Eye™ Acoustical Shutters for library windows to reduce street noise.
  • NASA Kennedy Space Center Kennedy Learning Institute, Kennedy Space Center, Florida – Acoustical testing of learning facility presentation room. Development of acoustical upgrades to reduce rain noise on metal roof.
  • Multiple Projects and Locations – Acoustical design of student housing apartments and mixed use retail spaces.

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