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QMN Announces New Patent-Pending Shut-Eye™ Acoustical Shutters

Quietly Making Noise, LLC has a patent pending on a new invention that has been proven as the industry leading noise control solution for blocking exterior noise through building windows and doors. The product has been trademarked as Shut-Eye™ Acoustical Shutters, and the patent covers both shutters and blinds configurations. The design reduces noise by 25-50 decibels depending upon the exact situation and noise sources. It is a very attractive design suitable for high end, luxury homes. In addition, QMN expects to find many applications at hotels, condominiums, apartments, military bases, and office buildings. Any building near a highway or airport would benefit from the Shut-Eye™ Acoustical Shutters. Shut out the noise for a quiet night’s sleep! Please see the photo below showing one of the early installations.